Monday, 2 March 2015

The way of bread

The students from the 6th-8th grades of Kacergine Basic School participated in the integrated Literature and Ethnic Culture lesson 'The way of bread.' In the lesson, the students found out how bread was worshiped in the past, read extracts about bread from Literature works, discussed them. They also listened to the folk proverbs and sayings, identified rye among other grain.
The other part of the lesson took place in Pypliai farm which is located next to Kacergine. This time the students took part in the educational programme 'Magic bread is being baked' that presented the preparation of batter for bread and baking it according to the recipe of this district. Everyone who participated in the program kneaded the dough up, shaped a loaf of bread and after that put it into the oven. While the hostess Dalia was telling interesting stories, the children were listening to them and impatiently waiting till the tasty bread will be ready. When sweet smell filled the room, everybody understood that the bread was baked. The programme was useful as well as filled with plesant emotions. It gave a chance to the students to get acguainted with old Lithuanian traditions, rituals and heritage.
This activity is one of the international project Erasmus+ „Socialize, observe, learn“ events which let the participants learn more about the culture of our country.

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