Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Live-baking of Šakotis cake

On the 27th of February, Saturday morning, the  representatives of Kacergine Basic School community  had an amazing trip to Šakiai district Lekėčiai town. They visited Lekėčiai women's club Suvalkian culinary heritage house, where they were welcomed by the women of the club with hospitality. The guests were treated to traditional dishes of this region. They had sauerkraut soup with cranberry jam and hot potatoes. The guests also tried pork jelly, cottage chese with honey, melted butter and a variety of herbal teas. Each dish was presented in detail, revealing  technological secrets of their production.
Tasting delicious food was a great experience. However,everybody waited impatiently for the other part of the visit to Lekečiai - šakotis baking process, when the students were allowed to do the part of the work themselves and observe how 21 layers of batter are turning into lovely little branches of tasty cake. A special moment of the program was removing cooled šakotis from the roller and smelling unique scent of the cake spread around the room. 
This dainty will go  to Italy to  Erasmus + project SOL  with our school delegation  after 2 weeks.