Sunday, 22 November 2015

Trip to Vilnius

On 6th November the students of grades 5-10 were in Vilnius. At first we visited the exhibition 'School 2015.' This year, the slogan of the exhibition was 'School without boundaries.' And indeed, this idea has been evident during the exhibition, because we got to know educational programmes of most Lithuanian Museums, the latest textbooks and fiction literature, but most of all we were attracted by the digital tools and software that can diversify the learning process. We spent a plenty of time at  the stands where experiments or laboratory tests were performed.
One of the objectives of the visit was to become familiar with more varied leisure opportunities. Such activities were offered by a leisure space in which educational programs took place in order to get to know more creative forms of spending free time. The exhibition fascinated  a lot of the students with its activities and services offered. Some lucky ones even had an opportunity  to talk to the President Grybauskaitė and make a photograph with her.
After the exhibition the group went to Vilnius Small Theatre and watched the play "MamaTomcat". The theatre, as another form of spending leisure time, was also evaluated positively by the students, They willingly shared their impressions in evaluating the  scenery of the performance,  acting of the  artists, musical interludes.
This trip was really memorable and gave pupils a lot of positive emotions and new experiences.
The trip was sponsored by Erasmus + programme finances.