Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Transnational project meeting in Germany

From December 2nd to 6th, 2015, members from the Turkish partner school came to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasium in Neckargemünd, Germany. The visit was intended for the Turkish partners to get to know the partner school as well as the German school system as they couldn't participate in the first transnational project meeting in Germany in December 2014 when the topic was "music".

During the visit they spent some time at the school getting to know the school building and its curriculum, but also found out about highly gifted pupils and their specific demands on the school and its teachers.

Years 8, 9 and 10 got to also know a little bit about Turkish culture through a presentation and a special workshop organized by the Turkish partners.

In addition to visiting the school, the partners had a chance to see some of the beauty of Heidelberg, the nearest town to the school. Especially the Christmas market is a must see in December, but the castle and the old bridge were a part of the sightseeing tour as well.

Al in all, we were very happy to have the Turkish partners visit us in Germany and hope to work together in the future, beyond Erasmus+, too!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Trip to Vilnius

On 6th November the students of grades 5-10 were in Vilnius. At first we visited the exhibition 'School 2015.' This year, the slogan of the exhibition was 'School without boundaries.' And indeed, this idea has been evident during the exhibition, because we got to know educational programmes of most Lithuanian Museums, the latest textbooks and fiction literature, but most of all we were attracted by the digital tools and software that can diversify the learning process. We spent a plenty of time at  the stands where experiments or laboratory tests were performed.
One of the objectives of the visit was to become familiar with more varied leisure opportunities. Such activities were offered by a leisure space in which educational programs took place in order to get to know more creative forms of spending free time. The exhibition fascinated  a lot of the students with its activities and services offered. Some lucky ones even had an opportunity  to talk to the President Grybauskaitė and make a photograph with her.
After the exhibition the group went to Vilnius Small Theatre and watched the play "MamaTomcat". The theatre, as another form of spending leisure time, was also evaluated positively by the students, They willingly shared their impressions in evaluating the  scenery of the performance,  acting of the  artists, musical interludes.
This trip was really memorable and gave pupils a lot of positive emotions and new experiences.
The trip was sponsored by Erasmus + programme finances.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

Project Day in Slovak school

Another Project Day was held in our school in October 2015. We informed about the results of the project - Socialize, observe, learn -  exchange stays in  Lithuania and Turkey . We have reminded some traditions and customs.
We spent great time together singing, playing some musical instruments and dancing.

Students of Erasmus club. Primary school, Vráble

Friday, 30 October 2015

The students visited M.K.Ciurlionis museum

On October 22nd the students of the 5th-10th grades visited Kaunas M. K. Ciurlionis Museum. The students participated in 2 educational programmes where they listened to Ciurlionis' music, saw his pictures. The pupils found out the most interesting details from the artist's life and work told by the program managers. The students were involved in different activities - they drew the symbol of the picture they liked most, explained an abstract image of the drawing and so on. The children were also able to have their pictures taken at the zodiac signs paintings according to their birth date.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

European mobility week

Our schoolchildren were actively involved in the sport week campaign "Agile School". The main aim was to encourage children to spend  actively as much time  in the open air as they can. Thus, during the breaks there were organized relays, joyous running and team games. After this campaign participants realized that sports can have fun together with friends.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Excursion of Slovak pupils

On 16 June 2015 we organized excursion for pupils working in Erasmusplus club and some parents. We visited Piešťany - our famous spa town, sailed in the ship on our river Váh and admired the castle Beckov. We spent great time together.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Striped Opera

The  5th form students of Kacergine Basic School went to Kaunas Musical Theatre. The students watched a performance 'Striped Opera' that presented a mysterious musical world in a funny and easy way bcause the main heroes of the opera become the most commonly used musical terms and symbols.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Drama Festival in Nitra Sovakia

Our pupils working in the club "English theatre" took part in Drama Festival in English  with the story Enchanted Ella . We got an award for visual creation , songs and dance, nice choreography, and also beautiful costumes.

Here are some photos.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Jazzy Classics

Kaunas Philharmonic (photo from:

On March, 5, the team of Kačergine Basic School project „Socialize, observe, learn“ went  to Kaunas Philharmonic to listen to the concert of the group „Jazzy Classics“. The group consists of these members: Rūta Rinkevičiūtė-Piano,vocal, Saulė Rinkevičiūtė-Violin, Nerijus Bakula-Accordion, Tadas Dešukas-Jazz Violin, viola, Vytis Nivinskas -Contrabass, Vytis Vainilaitis-Drums, Percussion. We had a pleasant evening listening to the arrangements of the most famous classical pieces, such as Antonio Vivaldi – „Spring“ and „Winter“ from ‚Four Seasons‘, Johann Sebastian Bach –‚Aria‘, M.Ravel „Bolero“,  A. Chachaturian ,Sabre Dance‘ etc.

More information about the group you will find in the ,Jazzy' Classics website.

Meeting with a film and theatre actor

On the 24th of February our senior students participated in an interesting event. They were at the meeting with Marius Jampolskis who is known as a film and theatre actor, a TV presenter and the member of music group ‘Chilinam’ Marius Jampolskis told the students that the inclination towards arts and music came from the family. The actor stressed that vocation and job satisfaction from working is important when choosing a profession. During the event, the children were able to listen to the concert of peers. The students from Garliava School played to the audience.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The way of bread

The students from the 6th-8th grades of Kacergine Basic School participated in the integrated Literature and Ethnic Culture lesson 'The way of bread.' In the lesson, the students found out how bread was worshiped in the past, read extracts about bread from Literature works, discussed them. They also listened to the folk proverbs and sayings, identified rye among other grain.
The other part of the lesson took place in Pypliai farm which is located next to Kacergine. This time the students took part in the educational programme 'Magic bread is being baked' that presented the preparation of batter for bread and baking it according to the recipe of this district. Everyone who participated in the program kneaded the dough up, shaped a loaf of bread and after that put it into the oven. While the hostess Dalia was telling interesting stories, the children were listening to them and impatiently waiting till the tasty bread will be ready. When sweet smell filled the room, everybody understood that the bread was baked. The programme was useful as well as filled with plesant emotions. It gave a chance to the students to get acguainted with old Lithuanian traditions, rituals and heritage.
This activity is one of the international project Erasmus+ „Socialize, observe, learn“ events which let the participants learn more about the culture of our country.