Saturday, 22 November 2014


Erasmus+: Comenius project

Socialize, observe, learn

The project is aimed primarily at teenagers.  The project participants - students and teachers - are not only from different countries but also from different-sized cities and schools. On one hand, this is the age when the students are trying to find their own place in the world on the other teachers are often faced with a variety of students' educational problems, therefore they are constantly looking for new teaching methods.  In addition to this, in times of globalization it is important for pupils to develop their own tolerance levels, gather an understanding and acquaint themselves to different life styles in Europe.
This project will give a chance to learning by observing and active participation. The purpose of the teachers and parents is to promote healthy and meaningful lifestyle choices. Furthermore, the intent of this project is to encourage and teach pupils how to work collaboratively with pupils from other countries in a non-formal learning environment. The students in partner schools will learn how to eat healthy and how to spend their free time in a healthy, active and fun way. The teachers will improve their competencies, linked to their professional profiles; they will gain a broader understanding of practices and systems in education across the different countries. The parents will be more involved in the common activities of the school community.
All participants will gain the knowledge and wealth of national cultures and national languages, they will acquire ITC skills as a way to communicate and be able to use it as an everyday tool.